Our Campus

The senior living campus at LanePark is designed to meet your needs with a variety of lifestyle and residential options. Two phases of construction include Assisted Living and Memory Care apartments and, in 2016, additional cottages for seniors wishing to live independently.
Senior Living Ohio Floorplan
As you become familiar with our senior living community, you will sense professionalism, fellowship, and warmth. Sometimes a sense of humor, too. This kind of environment offers balance and perspective.

It is important to blend a sense of independence with community, for we all want both privacy and fellowship. You are, almost by definition, in a more structured environment at LanePark than, say, in your own home. Our duty is to help each resident adjust to and benefit from this change.

For instance we offer many activities for your enjoyment, and you can choose to do as little or as much as you wish. Because all of us have shared experiences such as the Depression, WWII, moon walks and grandchildren, it is easy to develop new friends and companions.

Sometimes fun is just that: something to be enjoyed because it’s enjoyable. Sometimes we want more: an experience that will enrich or educate or involve our own talents. Our social events are planned as springboards for discussion and sharing. In many ways our staff members are facilitators, creating an environment for friendships.

Personal Matters