Questions & Answers

(Information applies to Assisted Living apartments. Services and amenities may vary for Memory Care and Independent Living residents. Contact LanePark for details.)

Are the apartments furnished?
No. This is so you may bring “old friends” or buy brand new furniture. Most residents opt to bring furnishings they are comfortable with and sometimes buy a few things to fill in.

May I paint the apartment?
It’s worth considering. You may paint and wall paper to your heart’s content. Each apartment is carpeted and tiled in neutral tones, so an accent wall can be a big addition.

How about wall hangings and paintings?
Again, you may do as you wish. Many residents bring favorite photographs and paintings with them, for memory’s sake and for decorative appeal.

How about pets?
Yes, cats and dogs are allowed. Talk to a LanePark representative to determine rules and size limitations.

May I have my meals in my room?
Yes, you may for short periods of time when you are not feeling well or if you are recovering from an illness or accident. Generally, we encourage all residents to use our dining room.

I would like to bring my computer. Is LanePark wired for the internet?
Yes, internet is available and many residents use computers.

I want my privacy. Can I lock my door?
Yes, of course. Your apartment is your home; not ours or your neighbor’s. Some residents see their apartment as a cabin on a cruise ship, which they visit only at night. Other residents see it as a primary abode of comfort.

Are there outside activities?
Yes, you won’t feel cooped up. We may have garden plots for interested residents, which sometimes supply our kitchen. Some residents like to tend our flower beds. Residents enjoy the land- scaped grounds, having grilled ham- burgers on the back porch and strolling the yard. The large front porch is good for watching comings and goings.

What kinds of things are there to do during the day?
While this list is not endless, it is quite long! Certainly we have cards and bingo, but there are many other activities, as well, including discussion groups, sing-a-longs, Bible study, movies, computer classes, speakers from Huber Heights and elsewhere to bring us up to date on both current and historical events. There are painting and craft classes. Some groups trace their ancestry, others work in stained glass. You get the idea.

How often is my apartment cleaned?
Your apartment is cleaned on a regular basis, and there are washers and dryers for your personal laundry.

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