Memory Care

We are all aware that the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and varied dementias has increased, probably due in part to our longer life spans. The diseases can cause widespread anguish for families and loved ones. It is distressing to us all – the afflicted and their families – to witness memory loss and confusion.

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Behavior Based Ergonomics Therapy

At LanePark we have a special part of our community dedicated to the care of those suffering from memory deficits.

Our Memory Care neighborhood is a secured section of our main building with nurses and aides on duty 24/7. There are private apartments and the environment is relaxed, secure and comfortable. The facility has large skylights that provide abundant natural light, yet feels small and intimate – a manageable space.

The design of the interior has wandering ways, so that the floor plan is open for movement by staff and residents. There is a screened porch for relaxation and therapy and a secure outdoor lawn with a walking path. We even have raised garden plots so residents can work more easily in the soil.

There are many models of dementia treatment. Ours is a blend of social and medical therapy and Person Centered Care and is not just another warehouse.

We understand that memory loss can be traumatic for all involved: the caregiver and the afflicted. We are trained to provide sympathetic, nurturing, positively reinforced, consistent care and supervision.

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