Food and Memory Care

Our personalized cold-to-hot food preparation and service concept is even more evident in the Memory Care neighborhood. Organized meal times are usually difficult, as residents behaviors vary so much.

Some residents will enjoy a sit-down meal with others while others will eat at their own special times and may wish to eat in a completely different place. Even with the best of equipment, institutional attempts to keep food warm for long periods of time degrades its appearance, quality and the resident’s enjoyment.

We take a radically different approach. A high speed convection oven allows for the flash finish of pre-prepared menu items, so that a staff member can cook and finish various items by simply following organized instructions from the main kitchen and using the TurboChef. Within minutes, one resident could order a chicken breast, or fish dinner with green beans and potato in the dining room, while another chooses to eat a crispy grilled cheese sandwich served out on the porch. Both can be accommodated at a very high restaurant quality standard with homelike results.

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